About Denford Studios

Denford studios is a full time professional photography company based in the north of Pretoria. 

Over the last few years we specialized in equine action photography where we have done Showing, where Horse of the year is a high class highlight.  Showjumpers saw us at various World Cup Qualifiers and the SA Derby.  We covered SANESA Nationals for a few years now.  Tentpeggers and Vaulters alike would have seen next to the track and arenas. We have made very close friends at SAWMGA Nationals and Qualifiers in Mpumalanga and Gauteng

We will also travel to where ever you require us to do your location shoots for your equestrian event.


Our vision is to provide affordable and professional service to our customers.


Photography is more than just another job, photography is a way of life, a way of expressing yourself and therefore our mission:  Passionate Photography

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